Brew in a Bag (BIAB) Method


After a couple of attempts at whole grain homebrewing we had a feeling that we could simplify the process using a filter bag in the mashing process. A quick internet search of "brewing bag" led us to realise it wasn't exactly a novel idea and and were left so inspired by this video the next batch had to be a Brew in a Bag.

Here is our time saving method:



For a 10 litre batch we recommend filling with 11 litres of water and heating the kettle to about 72C with the bag (60cm x 60 cm) in place!


The malt is added and the temperature maintained for 1 hour at about 64-68C using the kettle thermostat and regular stirring using a thermometer (which is also used to check the temp.)


The bag is lifted up onto a sieve (IKEA), squeezed and the wort heated to a mash-out temperature of 75C. The grain is then sparged with 5 litres of 75-80C water. Once the sparge is complete the kettle is set to boil the wort with the grain continuing to drain. Once finished the grain bag is gently squeezed and then lifted away.


The wort is brought to the boil and another bag is placed in the kettle which the hopps are added and boiled with the lid off for 10 minutes and then for the rest of the time covered to about 80-90% keeping an eye on that the bag does not lift too much or the wort boils over


Upon reaching time zero, the kettle is turned off. The bag is lifted and the hops allowed to drain.







Directly from the kettle the wort is passed through a heat exchanger (to about 22C) and over a juice strainer to filter off the fines from the hopps into the fermentation bin.


A sample for the Original Gravity taken, the wort aerated and the yeast added.



Priming, Bottling & Conditioning

Coming soon...



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