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Stock (and previously used ingredients)

Malt, Hops and Yeast

Malts (crushed):

Pilsner malt (3 EBC) 500g

Muntons Maris Otter malt (6 EBC) 430g

CaraPils (8 EBC) 0g

Munich malt (15 EBC) 0g

Dark Munich malt (30 EBC) 0g

CaraAmber malt (70 ECB) 0g

CaraMunich II (120 EBC) 0g

CaraAroma malt (400 ECB) 0g

Roasted barley (1300 EBC) 0g

Acid malt (6 EBC) 0g

Flaked barley 0g

Wheat malt 0g



British (old world)

East Kent Goldings (5.3 α-acids) 35g (pellets) - Bryan

Target (13 α-acids) 65g (pellets)

Challenger (8.2 α-acids) 30g (pellets)

Admiral (14.3 α-acids) 28g (pellets) -Bryan

Fuggle (4.1 α-acids) 62g (pellets) -Bryan

American (new world)

Citra (13.9 α-acids) 5g (pellets) 10g (pellets)

Columbus/Tomahawk (17.4 α-acids) 10g (pellets)

Amarillo (8.2 α-acid) 5g (pellets)

Simcoe (11.4 α-acid) 20g (pellets)

Mosaic (12 α-acid) 30g (pellets)



WYEAST 1056 American Ale 0 packs (used for the SiVPA)

WYEAST 1318 London Ale III 0 packs

WYEAST 1098 British Ale 0 packs

WYEAST 1968 London ESB 0 packs

Mangrove Jack's British Ale 0 packs

Whitelabs Californian Ale WLP001 0 vials (used for a Wheat beer)

Whitelabs English Ale WLP002 0 vials (highly flocculent)

Whitelabs Irish Ale WLP004 0 vials (used for stout)

Whitelabs Dry English Ale WLP007 0 vials (high attenuation, fast)

Fermentis Safale US-05 dry yeast 0 packs (used for APA)




Irish moss 50g (4g per 10 litres 15 minutes from the end of boil)

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